In 2018, 4,800 tonnes of steel found their way from the Jungermann GmbH warehouse to customers throughout Europe. Whether carbon steels, case-hardened steels, rolling bearing steels, alloyed or non-alloyed tool steels, high-grade structural steels, silver steels or quenched and tempered steels – our high-quality steels create the basis for tools and components with a high level of operational safety, a reliable function and a long service life.

Depending on the application, we supply our customers with steel rods (drawn or peeled and polished bright steel as well as rolled steel rods) and steel rings (drawn coils) in various material qualities, designs and dimensions.

If you have any queries about our products, you can contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to advise you which steel grade is best suited for your tool parts or applications. For stock enquiries, you can fill out the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible with the current figures.


Dimensional Range

2,00 – 150,00 mm
5,00 – 19,05 mm
1,50 – 36,00 mm
8,00 – 22,00 mm

according to customer requirements

Length Of Bars

  • 2,00 – 6,00 m
  • section according to customer requirements

Kinds Of Material Of Bars

  • rolled, shot blast
  • drawn
  • pieled and pressure polished
  • burnished and polished
  • bevelled on one or both sides in coils or boxes

Packaging of Bars

  • tied or in boxes
  • packed in protective wrapping or in jute


Dimensional Range

2,00 – 40,00 mm
5,00 – 16,00 mm
2,00 – 16,00 mm

Weight of Rings

  • 100 – 600 kg or as required

Kinds Of Material OF Rings

  • bright drawn
  • bonderized
  • phosphated rings
  • coil layered on pallets, coil carriers or stackers

Packaging of Rings

  • on coil carriers, stackers
  • coil layered

Heat Treatment And Surface

  • +A+C/SH
  • +AC+C/SH
  • +C+A+C
  • +FP+C/SH
  • +QT+C/SH
  • +AC+C+AC+C

Inspections document

  • DIN EN 10204 / 2.1 – 3.1


EN 10278/- h 11
EN 10278/- h 9
EN 10278/- h 8 - h 10
EN 10278/ special tolerances

EN 10278/ special tolerances
special tolerances available on request

Tensile Strength

  • in accordance with your requirements