Cutting steel: Sawing – Cutting – Adiabatic cutting

We saw rod material up to Ø 130 mm to fixed lengths according to your requirements. State-of-the-art equipment allows for a gentle and time-saving processing of the material. This guarantees the high quality you can expect from us as well as extremely short throughput times.

For weight-accurate short steel pieces in fixed and precision lengths, we also offer adiabatic cutting (high-speed cutting). In this non-cutting process, extremely high acceleration of the cutting tool causes intense heating of the cutting area, which leads to the softening or dissolution of the microstructure.

Due to the high speed of adiabatic cutting, there is no transfer of heat in the cut surface area. The workpiece thus retains an even distribution in terms of hardness and a significantly higher forming capacity. Further advantages of high-speed cutting include almost flat cutting surfaces, minimal burr formation and no material waste. Due to extremely short throughput times (60 - 70 parts per minute), adiabatic cutting is suitable for the production of short steel pieces in medium to large quantities.

Range of services: Sawing

Material strength: Rm ≤ 1600 N/mm²
Diameter: Ø 6 - 130 mm
Width across flat: sw 6 -36 mm
Rod length: ≤ 9 m, also short fixed lengths

Range of services: Cutting

Material strength: Rm ≤ 900 N/mm²
Diameter: Ø 2 - 10 mm
Rod length: 600 -3000 mm

Range of services: Adiabatic cutting / High speed cutting

Material strength: Rm ≤ 900 N/mm²
Diameter: Ø 4 – 6,5 mm
Rod length: Short lengths as required