Surface treatment

We offer our customers various services in order to optimise the surface quality of our bright steel products.

Straightening – Peeling – Straightening Polishing – Chamfering

We are happy to take on the job of straightening and peeling of round steel for you. The straightened rod is machined by a rotating cutter head on centreless stripper machines. The tolerance of the machined rods corresponds to EN 10278/h11 or h9. The quality of the surface can be improved to surface quality class 2 (EN 10277) by applying subsequent straightening polishing. In addition, protection against corrosion is applied. Upon request, bright steel can also be machined with different angles according to your specifications and as such optimised for further processing.

Range of services

Material strength: Rm ≤ 1600 N/mm²
Diameter: Ø 15 - 80 mm
Rod length: 2,8 – 11 m
Tolerance range: up to h9 in accordance with EN 10278
Possible diameter for chamfers: Ø 5,0 - 34 m


A further improvement of the surface quality and the diameter tolerance of your bright steel can be achieved by grinding. Surface quality class 3 in accordance with EN 10277 is achieved as well as limit deviations according to EN 10278/h6.

Range of services

Diameter: Ø 2 - 35 mm
Rod length: 1,0 – 6 m
Tolerance range: up to h6 in accordance with EN 10278