Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH – That little bit of extra service

Competence, experience and maximum reliability - as a customer of Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH, you benefit from these advantages. In addition to steel distribution, we also offer the processing of bright and rolled steel rod products in accordance with your requirements. By working with precision, we straighten, peel, polish, chamfer or grind your steel rods and thus improve the surface quality for the intended application. We also employ maximum precision and quality when cutting the bar material. As an additional service, we have material tests carried out by experienced service partners on your behalf.

As a steel supplier with that little bit extra, we offer you a comprehensive service package from a single source. And you can rely on receiving your products at a fair price in the well-known Jungermann quality.

Do you have any queries about our services? You are welcome to contact us via our contact form, by e-mail or by telephone.