Alloy Tool Steel

Material No. Description Use
1.2208 31 Cr V 3 Socket key shanks, spanners, spanner sockets
1.2242 59 Cr V 4 (+Mo) Screwdriver blades, Allen keys, rods, sprockets, bits and piercing stamps or dies
1.2243 61 Si Cr V 5 Screwdriver blades, metal cutting blades, cutting tools and extrusion press tools
1.2249 45 Si Cr V 6 SDS – plug tools, piercers, drawing tools, forming die, also as shank material for hard metal drill bits
1.2328 45 Cr Mo V 7 All kinds of bits for air hardening without annealing treatment
1.2379 X 153 Cr Mo V 12 Shear blades, pull broaches, reamers
1.2381 73 Mo V 5 2 Screwdriver blades, bits required for the highest demands to be placed upon pneumatic or electrical tools